Since it’s foundation in 1978, Modempak has grown a reputation as the market-leading innovator of Cable Management and Distribution in the Australasian Data and Telecommunications industry. As part of ESCO Industries, Modempak produces electrical distribution and cable management solutions, renowned for the adaptability of their design and performance functionality.

Modempak aims to unite sleek, aesthetic design with the highest quality manufacturing to produce a range of equipment that achieves optimal performance under the demands of any given construction.

ESCO Industries recognises that no two projects are the same, and accepts the inevitability of changing schedules throughout development projects. As such, Modempak places a premium on an efficient manufacturing process, and ensures that their products may be custom designed to create the best solution for their intended environment.

Today Modempak’s leading edge product range principally features our series of data cabinets and racks, and continues to include skirting channels, recessed floor boxes, service columns and multi-row switch panels. Modempak operates a sales, manufacturing and distribution warehouse located in Silverwater, Sydney.